Fyo͞ocher is more than just the clothes. It's a movement, a positive shift, and a community.

The goal is to redefine who fashion is for, how we consume it, and the way we see ourselves. With a full size range from 24 to 42, our clothes are made for everybody and every BODY.

Each piece is individually designed based on the materials at hand leaving our garments almost one of a kind. This allows you the rare experience of owning something that no one else has. 

All of our garments are made from reclaimed or deadstock fabrics. All of the textiles are sourced from second hand shops, end of roll or scraps from local manufacturers, or donated from members of the community. Made to order in 1-3 weeks from purchase to ensure no inventory is left unsold. Our goal is to use what already exists and reduce textile waste at a regional level, and then global.

Handcrafted in Vancouver, BC and ships worldwide.

We all have an important role in this. We can change the Fyo͞ocher of fashion.